Easy-To-Use Technology for Digital Signature Capture

Datacard Tru Signature Solution

Datacard Tru Signature Solution Overview

The Datacard Tru signature solution makes it easy to capture any user's signature electronically and incorporate it into a photo ID for an additional layer of security. 

High-quality capture. The electronic signature pad and tethered writing stylus ensure consistent, accurate digital capture so you can count on the same outstanding results every time. An integrated, interactive LCD allows users to see their signature as they sign, which helps prevent errors. 

Complete solution. In addition to the signature pad and stylus, the Tru Signature Solutions also includes Datacard Tru signature software for seamless integration with Datacard ID Works identification software or Datacard ViaNet identity information software. 

Full functionality. Use the Tru signature solution for fast, high-quality capture as well as digital archiving or printing of electronic signatures. With the added power of ID Works software, you can easily manage and control your entire electronic signature database with one convenient solution.